Our Winery

Usagida Winery at the
Chichibu Farmers Factory

2.0 hectares of private fields & contract fields

Chichibu Farmers Factory has 2.0 hectares of land in the Yoshida Usagida district of Chichibu City, and has been planting Berry A, Merlot, and other varieties of grapes since April 2014. In addition, we work with contract farms to ensure stable production of high quality grapes.

Chichibu—an excellent grape-growing region

Chichibu, with its inland climate, experiences large temperature fluctuations between day and night, resulting in higher sugar content and better coloring of the grapes due to the cooler nighttime temperatures, making it an ideal location for wine grape cultivation.

For visitors


At Usada Winery, we offer tours and tastings at no charge. In addition, we offer a variety of wines for purchase at our on-site wine shop. In addition to our signature products, we also offer wines available only at the winery, as well as specially produced wines in limited quantities. Our adjacent restaurant features a variety of dishes to be enjoyed with wine.

Farm and factory tours / on-site shop
Farm and factory tours / on-site shop

・Open hours: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
 *Please contact us for details about farm/factory tours.
・Closed on Mondays
・Admission/tasting/winery tour: free of charge

Winery tour
Winery tour

Experience the winemaking process firsthand.
Our exhibition shows visitors everything that goes into producing wine. Visitors can also observe the brewing and bottling process, according to the season.

Tasting area
Tasting area

Enjoy free tastings of Chichibu wines at our tasting area. Sample a variety of wines and discover your favorite.

For group tours

There is no charge for admission, tours, or tastings.

Chichibu Farmers Factory's Usada Winery is happy to host tours and tastings for group visitors. All tours and tastings are free. The restaurant also offers full-course meals for groups. Please contact us for more information.